17 April 2020

Don’t Stop Dreaming

Don’t Stop Dreaming. Do not stop dreaming in this period must be the approach of all the married couples who had planned their Wedding for the year 2020. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic started from China and then spread to Italy and the rest of the world has forced all of us to observe severe restrictions both in our personal and professional lives.


Weddings have been prevented at the moment due to the gathering of people that would result in their celebration. The first part of the 2020 Wedding Season is completely skipped causing not a little discomfort to those who had long chosen one of the dates canceled due to force majeure.

Brides to Be

Dear Brides, I know how you feel, every day I find myself talking and interacting with you offering all my support in this difficult moment that you are experiencing. You are confused, angry, embittered and worried!

I know, how to blame you?

My advice

My advice for all of you is not to break down and not to dream of your Big Day. Postponing a date does not mean having to cancel it! Your Wedding will come and it will be even more beautiful than you imagined it. So Don’t Stop Dreaming!

What to do now

What to do now? If you have decided to rely on a professional right away in organizing your Wedding, surely the situation will already be under control! The Wedding Planner will have already contacted Location and suppliers to check availability and to be able to book a new date for you that will be suitable for everyone.

If, on the other hand, you were organizing your Wedding by yourself but now you are in difficulty, do not hesitate to contact a trusted Wedding Planner who will take the reins of the situation by helping you to reprogram everything.

Venues and Vendors

Venues and Vendors are now demonstrating their flexibility, maintaining where possible the agreements made with the Couples for 2020, also making them available midweek dates to be able to meet all requests.

As for 2021 it is possible that there are adjustments to the rates with the new price lists for next year, I know that it may seem unfair but it is in the right of those who offer the service.

Also try to think that the crisis is not only affecting you, but other couples of spouses and not only, even locations and suppliers are now being put to the test …


As regards Spaces and Arrangements, it is possible that in some cases they may need to be revised. If you had planned a Wedding with an outdoor spring reception, perhaps with a new date in the fall it will be appropriate to review the arrangements. Your Wedding Planner or your suppliers such as Location Managers and Catering will advise you for the best. The arrangements will also be modified based on seasonality, perhaps simply with a variation of the Colors Palette or the chosen flowers.

Wedding Dress

One of the main thoughts of the Brides right now is the Wedding dress.

Even the Wedding Dress will have to be adapted to the new date but don’t worry, the right accessories or small changes that your Atelier will be able to offer will be enough.

Winter Wedding

Don’t dismiss the idea of ​​a Winter Wedding a priori!

Winter Weddings are increasingly in vogue lately and are very impressive!

They shine with a warm and welcoming light and even if it wasn’t what you initially imagined, a good project could make you change your mind!

Don’t Stop Dreaming!

If you want to know more or want to request a free consultation on how to do it right now, write to: denise@denisemore.it o go to the website: www.denisemore.it/en.

I will be happy to give you a hand in this delicate moment!

Photo credits: Francesca Angrisano, Daniele Pierangeli