22 September 2020

Sweet September

Sweet September! September, along with June, is my favorite month of the wedding season. It still smells of summer, the colors are still bright and are about to give way to autumn, the climate is cool and light and the days are still long.

September is a month full of new beginnings, ambitious projects and new plans. There are many Brides who choose it for their wedding (I got married in September!) And many who choose it instead to start organizing theirs for the following spring or summer.

However, I am already here ready for you waiting to find out what the end of this 2020 has in store for us waiting for the next Wedding Season 2021!

For now this month of September has given me a feature of my latest work on Elle Spose, of which I leave you the link:


Scrivetemi a: denise@denisemore.it

Photo Credits: Daniele Pierangeli