14 November 2020

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake yes or no?

The moment of cutting the Wedding cake is one of the most romantic moments of the wedding, eagerly awaited by the guests and also by the Bride & Groom.

Lately, more and more newlyweds, especially from abroad, choose not to have a Cake but to finish dinner with dessert and a toast.

In this I consider myself a bit old-fashioned and I think there can be no Wedding without a cake!

The Wedding Cake cannot be missed!

However, I understand the tendency of those who do not want to do it.

This often happens because they do not share the old canons of the typical Cake that may have bored us a bit!

Choose a cake in line with the mood of the wedding.

If we have chosen a vintage style why not opt ​​for a type of cake with an ancient appearance and flavors, perhaps revisited in a modern key?

If, on the other hand, you have decided to celebrate outdoors, in a bucolic key, why not opt ​​for a tiered Cake decorated with real flowers?

Romantic Weddings

Castles, Villas or Historic Houses, a Cake decorated in sugar paste accompanied by other cookies, cupcakes or cake pops decorated on a well-set Sweet table will make all your guests go crazy with joy.

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Photo credits: Francesca AngrisanoDaniele Pierangeli

Flowers: Anthea Studio