28 March 2020

Wedding Corners

Wedding Corners

We often hear about Wedding Corners but what exactly are we referring to?

Wedding Corners are literally thematic corners that give character to the wedding reception. Used wisely and therefore studied and created ad hoc by your Wedding Planner & Designer or suppliers they will guarantee the Wow effect for your guests who will appreciate them very much!

In this article I will tell you about 3 types of Wedding Corners that in my opinion can not be missing in any respectable Wedding!

Corner with Sugared Almonds

Corners with Sugared Almonds is one of the most requested thematic corners and in recent years it has become a real must for weddings in Italy.

The custom of giving “Confetti” belongs to ancient traditions related to Marriage, in fact the ancient Romans gave them as a wish for prosperity, health, wealth and auspiciousness. This explains the origin of the favor.

The Corner with Sugared Almonds revisits in a modern key the concept of offering sugared almonds to its guests with the aim of giving a special touch to the event, creating real scenographic arrangements capable of arousing amazement and wonder.

Obviously, the set up of the Corner must also reflect the mood chosen for the Wedding. So the advice is not to opt for DIY options!

As for the “Confetti” to choose from, today we find many types in addition to the classic almond, there are for all tastes, from creams to fruit and for the most demanding also to Champagne!

So go ahead to the imagination of the sweet tooth and your guests will go crazy with joy!

Sweet Table

The Sweet Table is a thematic corner of Anglo-Saxon origin that is increasingly in demand here too!

It consists of combining themed treats such as decorated cookies, mini cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, meringues and many other small delights to the Wedding Cake that no one will be able to say no to!

For this reason, rely on a good Cake Designer who will be able to offer you many possibilities for a Sweet Table that will leave your guests speechless!

Sometimes other delicacies such as marshmallows, candies or even sugared almonds are combined with sweets, in the absence of a Wedding Corner dedicated to sugared almonds for example.

Cuban Corner

The Cuban Corner or Cigars Corner is one of the most requested Wedding Corners both for Italian Weddings and for Destination Weddings of couples who come from abroad.

It is a thematic corner in which to offer a selection of quality Rum, Cuban cigars as well as Italian, combined with refined chocolates or excellent dark chocolate, perhaps!

One might think that it is a purely male corner but from experience I can guarantee that it is also highly appreciated by the female audience of all ages!

Also in this case, the set-up must be studied based on the fil rouge of the Wedding and personalized details will make the difference.

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