15 August 2022

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations: the presentation card for your Marriage.

But very often it happens that this aspect is underestimated and that these are thought of as a mere information tool to be delivered to your guests.

Nothing could be more wrong.

There are very precise rules of Galateo to follow besides the fact that the invitation to the Marriage will have to reflect the style and the palette of colors chosen for the whole event.

It is the first element of the Wedding Stationery that must be entirely coordinated.

Wedding Stationary

Another is the set of all the graphic and printed elements present in the Marriage.

Invitations, Mass Booklet, Menu, Place Card, Elements of the Tableau or Escort Cards, signs for the taste of confetti and more.

Details like this make the difference in an event.

The coordinated graphics will help you keep the common thread chosen in every little, big thing.

The invitation will therefore help your guests understand the style of your wedding.

You will be grateful for this, even when they have to choose the most appropriate outfit.


If you have chosen the classic and elegant style for your Big Day, opting for a Wedding Participation in Carta Amalfi written in English Italics for example could be the right choice.

If instead your Wedding will be Country style in an outdoor location, you prefer a more informal solution in unworked cardboard or recycled paper, perhaps to be adorned with a bow in natural rope.

For the most modern, Wedding Invitations  on a transparent acrylic sheet with a gold-colored laser engraving, for example, are very popular at this time.wedding-invitation-modernIf otherwise you prefer a simple but still fashionable style, choose Invitations with floral motifs in the color palette defined for your event.

As for the Galateo, in the past it was the families of the Spouses who announced the Marriage of their children.

Nowadays, also by virtue of the long cohabitations they make before getting married, it is the Spouses themselves who announce their Wedding and then you will use your first and last names.

Wedding Invitations: Informations

The information that should not be missing will be Date, Time and Place of the Ceremony, Location chosen for the reception with relative address.

Also remember to insert the word R.S.V.P. and your addresses and telephone numbers so that your guests are facilitated in confirming you.

Furthermore, inserting a small map inside that indicates the journey from the place of the ceremony to the place of the reception will be a very welcome detail for all your guests.

Don’t forget to write the envelopes strictly by hand, possibly with a fountain pen.

If your spelling is unreadable to most people, don’t worry, the solution could be to contact a calligrapher!

Banned professional or academic titles such as Dott., Or Prof.

Your guests will all be “Dear / Kindly”; what you will indicate on the envelope will make it clear to whom the invitation is extended: “Dear Family …”, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. …”, “Dear Mr. …”


The suggestion is to deliver the participations about 3 months before the event and if you expect to have guests coming from other cities or from abroad, you must precede the official Invitation with a card with the Save the Date for the date choice a long time ago, so that you can better organize.

If you need to know more, write to: denise@denisemore.it

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